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"Modoc Territory"

Robert Froton
For my perspective on The West Revisited, my focus is on a small area that starts about 10 miles south of Klamath Falls, Oregon, and goes to the Clear Lake area in Northern California, about a 50 mile stretch. I wanted to showcase this location because I live, work, and spend most of my time here, and have a special relationship to the land, and the people I share it with. Most of this territory was home to the Modoc Indians before the settler's started to come here in the late 1800's, where they homesteaded, farming the land and raising cattle. Many of the farms and ranches are still here, and signs of the Modoc Indians can still be found. The rural surroundings constitute a way of life that has been carried down for generations, and with technology changing our lifestyles, most of the land and values remain the same.

I started to get serious about photography in 2000, when digital cameras were making the scene. Having done some graphic and website design, I found the computer age of photography very exciting and quickly learned as much as I could, and continue to grow my skills. I was a restaurant owner for 16 years, and I still work as a chef, but my passion is scenic photography. Just getting out and being a part of the land is very important, and I never tire of this beautiful area I call home.

My goal is to highlight these ordinary places you might just pass by without really looking or thinking about it, but with the right lighting and perspective, there is a beauty unique to the area that demands the respect and attention that it deserves. I hope youíll come back and revisit these scenicís, to remember a time and a place, maybe very different from yourís, or it just might be in your own back yard!


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