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Influenced by the Land: Photography by Jonne M. Goeller

Jonne M. Goeller's passion for the medium is extraordinary in its commitment. Her resume of fine art showings dates back 29 years while her resume for photojournalism and commercial photography is even longer. "I came out of the box with a camera attached," she explains. Her strong background in traditional silver print darkroom work has been greatly expanded by the new frontier of the digital darkroom during the past eight years.

Goeller is a retired photo and art educator with 32 years experience mentoring art and photography students. She began taking serious 35mm photographs when only twelve years old, and by age sixteen was working for nationally famous northwest photographer Duane "Cap" Davis in northern Idaho. She has a master's degree in Art Education from the University of Oregon where she completed her thesis under the direction of photographers Willie Osterman and David Foster. She has done freelance work for a variety of commercial clients, small newspapers, magazines, local authors and Glencoe Publishing. One of her images of Crater Lake, "Out of the Mist", was recently selected by the Klamath County Chamber of Commerce for a mural painting.

Goeller's stereo 3D photography work won two best of shows during the 1990's at National Stereoscopic Association annual conventions. Her 3D stereo photography was included in the Expanding Visions Show at the Corvallis Art Center in 1998 honoring Oregon's top 25 fine art photographers.

Her fine art photographs have recently been shown at the Jordon Schnitzer Museum of Art on the University of Oregon campus in Eugene and in Klamath Falls at the Klamath Art Gallery, Favell Museum of Western Art, Modoc Gallery, Ross Ragland Theatre, Sagebrush Rendevous and other local arts venues.

In her past lives Jonne wae a founding member of the PhotoZone Gallery in Eugene, Oregon and is a past member of the Photography At Oregon Gallery (PAOG) Board of Directors (University of Oregon Art Museum). Goeller is currently on the Board of Directors for the Klamath Art Association Gallery and lives in Klamath Falls, Oregon.

Jonne M. Goeller

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